The Beginning...
Nearby...yet worlds apart!
Teanaway - from a Native American word - Tien-ne-winess
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State of Washington and Statistics
State of Washington (close up)
Teanaway Watershed and Cascade Mountains
Teanaway River Watershed (close up)
The Lewis and Clark Expedition explored near here.
.    BI'- O- SPHERE  noun.     
1. That portion of the earth and its environment within which life in any of its forms is
manifested; the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.  
2. all the living organisms of the earth.
Teanaway River rocks on the loose
Trespassers Welcome - Respect Required
Project ideas began forming in the latter 1950's.
"Rule changes" began the Project in 1997.
Project formally proposed to The United Nations Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.), Paris, France, May 1999
...and later that year to the United States Man and the Biosphere Program
(USMAB), in Washington D.C.
    Thank you, all, who helped to support wild places in and around the Teanaway River area of central
Washington state. We tried to save a wonderful area to enjoy while helping to save Salmon runs and
other endangered species of flora and fauna.
Humans and critters could have found a wondrous place to live and flourish while learning better ways
to live together and to improve this world we live in.
To all the people at the United Nations. The people in Washington D.C. The Senators and Congress men
and women, and others, even in Washington State, who said they would help, but did nothing.  
To the environmental groups who help themselves but will not help advance good ideas unless it
creates more money for themselves.
To the USMAB and people who's job it is to ensure a future for wildlife as well as for humans, please
remember that the world you did nothing to help "save", is the same Earth that your descendants will
inherit. How difficult do you suppose it will be for our children to save this Earth if no one listens or acts?
You and I are responsible for this old Earth! I tried as hard as I could, but unfortunately, I was not
allowed to succeed! I wanted nothing more than to pass this Project along to a younger, more deserving
America and world.  Many people do not care to listen, or act, unless their own personal agenda's are
There are many wonderful, caring people who do everything they can think of to help save wild and
natural places in this world. To those people, I owe a great deal of gratitude! Please continue on where I
failed! I made many mistakes that I regret. I trusted many peoples' "word" that I should not have trusted!
There are some people who believe that  to save a wild river is to build large homes along an easement
so that no one else can enjoy the area. Develop! BuiId! Sell for a huge profit!  Move on!
I do not agree! But I am only "one"!

I regret to announce that The Teanaway River Biosphere Project has now ended.
The Teanaway River Biosphere Project is no longer accepting donations.
I regret that I failed to succeed and to protect the river area from potential development.
The river area shall be a poorer place because I failed. My apologies to my friends and supporters.

May The Great Spirit guide you well.
                                                      Megwetch (Thank you),
                                                            J. A. Louraine.

                                            The Teanaway River Biosphere
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Teanaway River
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 Teanaway River near the Stuart Range
 Summertime and low water
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