Grilled Salmon fillet
1 - 3 lb Salmon fillet (King if you can)
1 lemon or 1 large lime
1/3 stick of butter
Layer two pieces of aluminum foil on a large
     plate. Lightly oil
top of foil with non-stick
.             vegetable spray.
.                 Place the Salmon (skin down) on the
.                       foil and place three or four pats of
.                           butter on the length of the fish.
.                              Now place four slices of lemon    
.                                    or lime along the top also.
.                                          Squeeze the remaining      .
                                                lemon/lime over fish.
Cover Salmon with third sheet of foil
and roll the edges up to hold all juices in.
.  Making two or three small slits in top sheet
.     of foil, slide the salmon onto BBQ  rack over
.           medium  heat.
.                Cook for about five minutes until done.

Tartar sauce if you like...I do.
Serve with fresh green beans
.           and small boiled red potatoes,
.                   or tricolor rotini.