The Teanaway River Biosphere Project

P.O. Box 88417

Steilacoom, Washington 98388



Anyone wishing to donate to or deposit funds for The Teanaway River Biosphere Project may do so by sending a check to the address above, or by depositing directly to the account at...

KeyBank (Any KeyBank will accept donations for the Project)

Mailcode: WA-31-99-0068

1615 Lafayette Street

Steilacoom, WA 98388

Account #: 470681004433 (Please make checks payable to: The Teanaway River Biosphere Project)

At this point in time, there shall be no phone-in or credit card donations accepted to ensure that as much of your donation goes to a good cause as is possible. And thank you very much for your interest.

The Project shall do everything possible to retain your trust and loyalty.

Our Privacy Policy: No personal or corporate information shall be given out, sold, or shared...period.