Chapultepec (Floating Gardens) Mexico City, Mexico
 Teanaway River rock cairn (where it all began)
 The ''Catfish''
 On Ken and Rubye's boat...Puget Sound
 One of many boat rides around Puget Sound
 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, Summer 1999
 100-Mile House near Horsefly Lake, B.C., Canada
 Austin Mini 850

Remembering the past helps ''ground'' us to the ''present''. But the future,
no matter what it may bring, will take hard work to survive and prosper!
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 The face that sank a thousand ships and my mentor
Ian and Spider in Fullerton, CA
 A very good friend, Ella
 Earliest known Coat of Arms
 Near Santa Ysabel, California

To The Great Spirit - Thank you for my family and for my "Path".
To my many varied friends -  I am very proud to know you.
To my enemies - I did not choose to be did.
Our lives here are too we all shall discover one day.
 1974 Laverda 750SF (after 14 years in a barn)
 ''Here's looking at you, kid''
 1955 Alfa Romeo Giullietta Spider Prototipo #00007
 ''The Raven''
 Charlie and me in the Alpine
 ''Bullshot'' and old ski's near the skylight
 Norm and Lil sailing ''TOGA''
 Christmastime ''rhythm section''
 Waterfall near Copperas Cove, Texas
 Chinese woman in sampan, Hong Kong Harbour
 Memories of Bavaria
Paul outside his shop, GlenEvan Mills, Innerleithen, Scotland
 Mom at home, outside London, England
 Dad, ''undercover'' in Panama
 Integrated Meteorological Systems                                            Foreward Data-Collection Weather Station
 Dad's very ''shady'' Rickshaw ride, Saigon, Vietnam ca 1958
 I miss you too...please stay well...stay happy...
 A pyramid of life long ago
 Fieldhouse Farm near Hailey, Idaho
 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
 Electrical storm over Puget Sound
 Austin Healey 3000
 Jim may be gone but he is not forgotten
 The Kalakala (The Queen of Puget Sound)
 Insa-dong tea house, Korea
 ''Janelle Snow'' and friends
Green Day
Jimmy Davis
Yonder Mountain String Band
Shawn Mullins
 S.S. BENJAMIN GOODHUE - sailed from Liverpool on    SEP 2 1945
(Zapotec language)
Viet Nam traditional
Lisa Nicole Larson
 Arrived New York, on the Queen Mary, March 1946
 Arrived New York, on the Queen Mary, March 1946
 Crossing yet another bridge...this one over the Mississippi
"Never lie to the face in the mirror".
"Always be able to tell that face
that you have done your best!"