Emperor Franz Joseph asking
his subjects to support the war
by buying bonds.
 Emperor Franz Joseph
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It was Franz Josephs' mistake
that caused the ''Great War''
to begin, not Germany's.
Later, it would be another
Austrian who caused the next
great war.
World War II.
 Lady Margot Asquith
Lady Margot Asquith talks about the
''Irish Motion'' and the onset of war!
A band The Allied Forces respond with
patriotic music and marches!
The Great War
Woodrow Wilson describes Native Americans in 1915
Woodrow Wilson describes Native Americans in 1915
 Loading Gas Canisters
 Blinded by mustard gas
Secretary of War Newton Baker
Secretary of War Newton Baker talks about the importance of
League of Nations and how it could have saved us from
war (not many were listening then!). The League of Nations
later became the
United Nations that was to save us from
future wars (not many were, or are, listening now).
Politics, graft and mediocrity prevail instead of strength.
 Hitler and henchmen in 1934
 The Nazi Book Burning Bonfire
Lili Marlene (1939) original in German
The original 1939 version of Lilli Marlene, by
Lale Anderson which was translated into
many languages. The song was adopted by
many soldiers of several armies as their own.
My mother, wearing  a ''WARDENS'' armband, was
responsible, after German bombing raids on London
during ''The Blitz'', to gather body parts from the street
and overhead wires where they lay in the rubble or
hang, apart from their owners body. My mother was
terrified, but like the rest of England...fought on!
They had no choice.
 Children huddled in a trench
Winston Churchill
A small portion of
Sir Winston Churchill's
1940 speech
CBS News Bulletin - Dec. 7th, 1941
Winston Churchill was one of the greatest
statesmans and fighters of World War II.
Sir Winston Churchill had it right!
FDR was a great President, make no mistake
about that.  However,  FDR and his party
made many mistakes regarding war!
Joseph Stalin understood the weaknesses
of Democratic rule and took full advantage of
the Democrats mistakes and incapacity to
understand and wage warfare.
Unfortunately, America forgets how to fight a
war...every time.
I worry about my America
because of people who have
OTHER political agenda's.
 View from a landing craft
June 1944 Invasion of Europe
 Roswell N.M.
 John F Dulles - Free People Will Never Remain Free
The Roswell, N.M. ''incident'' in 1947
John F Dulles - Secretary Of State under President Dwight D Eisenhower,
explains why ''free'' people may not remain ''free''
The Cuban Missile Crisis speech
JFK is an American Hero and I dare anyone to prove
otherwise to me.
On the first day of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Russian Colonel
Oleg Penkovski was arrested and later tried(?) for
supporting Western values and he paid with his life!
Penkovski, a Soviet Intelligence Agent (also an agent for the
Americans and the British) informed President Kennedy and
others about Soviet intentions. Without this intelligence,
President Kennedy would not have been as ''decisive''
during this time as history remembers!
Bobby Kennedy, the brother of JFK, might have made a
better leader for the future of America.
We'll never know!
 John F. Kennedy
JFK reported ''shot''
JFK reported ''dead''
 Man's greatest first step into the future
''Spare-parts'' Lithium Hydroxide scrubber
Neil Armstrong from the moon
Apollo 13 Mission and their ''makeshift'' Lithium
Hydroxide Unit, without which, they would not
have gotten home
 Anwar al-Sadat
Anwar al-Sadat states there should be
no more war or bloodshed between
Arabs and Israeli's
Spiro Agnew
Spiro Agnew - born Spiros Anagnostopoulos,
Vice-President under Richard M Nixon, explains
what would make him lower his voice
 President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan talks about the
successes of a strong nation
Ronald Reagan...a true American Hero!
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 The Arizona explodes
Adolf Hilter addressing
the masses at a rally!
 I took the initiative...
Music to march to a  
Loudspeaker Announcement
in Coventry, England, 1940.
 Neil Armstrong
Sergeant E. Dwyer VC has a good chat
with the boys on the front about the war.
We hear a recording of gas canisters
being fired to help sell War Bonds.
 Aftermath of bombing and fires
 We The People
(Al Gore attacking President
George Bush in 1992)
My father went ashore on Normandy a
few days after the original invasion.