Notice to contributors:

_The Teanaway River Biosphere Project has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the Internal Revenue

Service. Certification from the IRS may take a few months to accomplish before the Project can fully move

forward again.

_Certification as a Corporation inside the State of Washington is complete and the Project is poised to do

charitable work to help others as well as improve the Teanaway River watershed area of Kittitas County,

Washington. The Projects' goals, however, are to grow and expand to improve life everywhere, not merely

in Washington State.

_Please see the original PROPOSAL on the website for details.

_The original “intent” of the Biosphere shall remain intact. However, the Project will now be able to “form fit”

itself better to the needs of the river area and to explore the history of, as well as the cultural uses by,

Native Americans and others who pass this way to help protect salmon, trout, endangered species, Native and

other influential traditions, etc.

_For anyone wishing to contribute to The Teanaway River Biosphere Project before Certification is complete,

please be advised that any monies deposited to The Teanaway River Biosphere Project account at KeyBank, are

tax deductable and will be used for good purposes. They will not be used in a wasteful way. Overhead costs shall

be kept to a minimum and should there be a disillusionment of the Corporation, any and all proceeds of the

Project shall be transferred to the Emergency Relief Fund for military personnel and their families.

_Also...Kagakshi Productions, Inc., a Corporation in Washington State, “posted” it's Bylaws as well as the

Articles of Incorporation. Kagakshi Productions is not and shall not become a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

_Kagakshi Productions started out as a small collection of old films and short movies. The size of the film library

keeps expanding and is now responsible for the preservation of many “travel” and “personal memories” of

everyday people from everyday life. Those everyday” life experiences are long gone and over now, but we may

still catch a glimpse of grandparents or an Aunt or a cousin or two by viewing these old films. I find them

quite interesting to say the least.

_Donations to Kagakshi Productions will also be gladly accepted and appreciated.

_Thank you very much for your interest in The Teanaway River Biosphere Project and please check out the video

CD's available for your computer from Kagakshi Productions. The inventory may change from time to time so

please check back often.

_Pricing of the CD's shall be posted and will include postage.


_Trespassers welcome ... respect required.