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1 - The World Between The Wars” - Episode 1 (http://www.Louraine.org/Movies/Episode_1.jpg)

---------------------- ”Canada Vacation” – A drive along the Banff – Windermere Road.

---------------------- “China” – Before the foreign influences.

-----------------------”Damascus” – Thought to be the oldest city in the world.

---------------------- “The Garden of Allah” – Adherents of Islam.

---------------------- “Korea” – Behold the sights near Seoul.

---------------------- “The Lindy Flight” – No in-flight service or “time” to wait.

---------------------- “The Philippines” – A simpler life.

---------------------- “The Volga” – Views of Russia from Moscow to Afghanistan.

2 - The World Between The Wars” - Episode 2 (http://www.Louraine.org/Movies/Episode_2.jpg)

------------------------ “Corsica” (A Still Life).

------------------------ “Corsica” (In Real Time).

------------------------ “The Golden Gate” – Where I left my heart...

------------------------ “London” (In Four Parts) – Me mum knew every bus route...

------------------------ “Norman Goddard's Glider” – “Nothing but blue skies, do I see...”

------------------------ “Road Trip” – Sleepy towns, different types and a paper moon.

------------------------ “Take Me Back” - “Don't the steamships sail real slow?”

------------------------ “Toot Toot” - “Don't mess with my Toot toot!”

------------------------ “Yellowbird” - You're more lucky than me.>

3 - Car Culture” (http://www.Louraine.org/Movies/CarCulture.jpg)

--------------------- “Cars” - To and fro from car shows we go...

------------------------- “Innagoddadavida...baby” - Fasten your seat belts and take your Dramamine!

------------------------- “S-T-R-E-T-C-H --- L-I-M-O” - Different rides to different places. (See if you can spot New York City; Birmingham, Alabama; Boston; Cincinnati; Denver; Houston; Jackson Hole, WY; Kansas City; Miami; Missouri; New Orleans; Pasadena; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco and Seattle...they go by pretty quickly!)

------------------------- “Good Ol' Boys” - Bad guys and good ol' boys (there is a difference).

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