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''The Blizzard''
''First Flight''
''Willie McBride''
The story of a man and
his horse trying to get
home to the woman he
Orville and Wilber
test their flying
''The Garden
of Allah''
London, England.
The war was over
and me mum was
just a young girl...
''Lumberjack's Dance''
''Roll on mule...''
A culture nearly
unknown to us.
(Don't mess with my)
''Distant Drums''
''The Golden Gate''
San Fransisco
was a wonderful
place to live.
A man and his
accordion at home
with his family.
''Lorraine Cemetery''

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''Concorso Italiano''
''The Northwest
''Dance me...''
( an interview )
In the late 1970's
I found a piece of
history in a barn. I still
own that piece of
In a native Northwest
language we are
alienated from Earth...
''Dance me to the
children who are
asking to be born...''
''Akua Tuta''
''Flying Bird''
still longs to be
''The Black Hills''
This should
never have
'' the beautiful
Indian country
that I love...''
''25 Miles in a   
You think that's scary? The
drive up the Teanaway River
road was wonderful!
''Sympathy For  
The  Devil''
(''...go back'').
A friend endures
waist-deep snow to near
blistering temperatures
with me along the
Teanaway River to attain
these images...
''Where it's At...''
''I hope you guess
my name..''.
(Cruiser Director)

''you can change a fool,
but a dog-gone mule is
a mule until he dies..''
''So Mary, marry me...''
''love me now, for
now, is all the time
there may be...''
One of the
''great fallen''
in the beginning
of ''The Great War''.
''Toot Toot''
(till the end of love)
Summer of 1998