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PREFACE - The Old Voyager at age 69
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Chapter One - Introduction
Chapter Two - Investigations, Preparations, and Arrival At   
The Columbia River's Source
Chapter Three - Boat Building And Happiness At
Canal Flat
Chapter Four - The Origin And Meanderings of the
Columbia River
Chapter Five - Early Discoveries, Explorations, And
Chapter Six - The Paradox of the Columbia And  
Kootenay Rivers...and  
Chapter Seven - From Canal Flat to Athalmer    
Chapter Eight - From Athalmer to Moberly
Chapter Nine - The Terrors of the Rapids Rationally
Chapter Ten - From Moberly to Waitabit Creek
Chapter Eleven - From Waitabit Creek to Beavermouth
Chapter Twelve - From Beavermouth to Kinbasket Lake
Chapter Thirteen - From Kinbasket Lake to the Ferry
Chapter Fourteen - From Canal Flat to the Ferry ...and           
Chapter Fifteen - Alfonse Emond
Chapter Sixteen - From the Ferry to Revelstoke
Chapter Seventeen - From Revelstoke to the International
Chapter Eighteen - From the Ferry to the Boundry...and     
Chapter Nineteen - From the Boundary to Gerome
Chapter Twenty - From Gerome to Wenatchee
Chapter Twenty-One - From Wenatchee to Pasco
Chapter Twenty-Two - Pasco and Vicinity ...and
Chapter Twenty-Three - From the Boundary to Pasco
Chapter Twenty-Four - From Pasco to The Dalles City
Chapter Twenty-Five - From The Dalles City to Vancouver
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Being the story of a trip, alone, in a rowboat from the
source to the mouth of the
Together with a full description of the country traversed
and the rapids battled

By an old voyager and whitewater man...
M. J. Lorraine, C. E.
M. AM. SOC. C.E.
The Columbia Unveiled
M. J. Lorraine
Chapter Twenty-Six - From Vancouver to Astoria
Chapter Twenty-Seven - From the Saddle Mountains to the Pacific Ocean
Chapter Twenty-Eight - The Columbia River Salmon
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Final Review and Conclusions